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Supramolecular Modulation of Tumor Microenvironment through Pillar[5]arene-Based Host–Guest Recognition to Synergize Cancer Immunotherapy

Yunxuan Feng et al,

Despite the tremendous breakthrough of immunotherapy, the low response rate and resistance of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) toward solid tumors occur frequently. A highly hypoxic tumor microenvironment (TME) provides tumor cells with high concentrations of HIF-1α and polyamines to evade immune cell destruction. Reprogramming of an immunogenic TME has exhibited a brilliant future to boost immunotherapeutic performances. Herein, a supramolecular nanomedicine (TAPP) is developed on the basis of host–guest molecular recognition and metal coordination, showing the capability to remodel the immunosuppressive TME. Tamoxifen (Tmx) and Fe3+ are encapsulated into TAPP to achieve the combination of chemotherapy and chemodynamic therapy (CDT). Tmx directly downregulates HIF-1α, and a pillar[5]arene-based macrocyclic host successfully eliminates polyamines in tumors. Enhanced immunogenic cell death is achieved by Tmx and Fe3+, and the therapeutic efficacy is further synergized by immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy. This supramolecular reprogramming modality encourages cytotoxic T lymphocyte infiltration, achieving pre-eminent immune response and long-term tumor suppression.


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