B.Sc.,  Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2022

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Jia-qi Lei (雷嘉琪) is currently a Ph.D. student in Supradrug group at Tsinghua University in China. He received his BS in Northwestern Polytechnical University majoring in Polymer Science and Engineering, in 2022. During the BS, he carried out research under the supervision of Dr. Teng Wang and Dr. Kai-Jie Chen, and he was focused on developing methods for understanding the fundamental properties of inorganic materials and controlling architecture of them.(Small 2022, 2203307) Now, he is interested in understanding and exploring the pathway of immunology (especially in saccharides), the mode of cancer growing, and the metabolism of cholesterol. He is devoted to making potency drugs by supramolecular chemistry in these directions to contribute to human health.

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